Athlete’s Testimonials

Levi is not only an amazing coach, but a great bloke and supportive friend too. I was lucky enough to gain him as a coach through Endurance team in July 2014, and sometimes I can’t even believe how far he has taken me in triathlon. I started off as someone who liked the sport and did the odd OD – now I have done 2 long courses, and my most recent was 30 minutes faster than my first.

During my time under Levi I travelled for 6 weeks in the build up to a race. He managed to plan training around my flights, trips to the Amazon and treks up glaciers!

Levi knows me better as an athlete than I know myself and sets me challenging sessions that sometimes even I don’t think I can get through – and when I do the feeling is amazing. The best thing about Levi is that he is human and understands that I am too. He doesn’t push me to buy expensive new gear or to enter a race every week. He understands that I have a life, a family and a budget and gets the best out of me anyway.

I can’t wait to see what I can do in the 2015 / 2016 season under Levi’s guidance and I know he will take any athlete as far as they are willing to push themselves. Only good things come out of training under him, and I am proud to call him my coach.


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Levi is an exceptional coach. He has helped me achieve my Triathlon goals over the past year with his expertise. He does a fantastic job in staying in touch with his athletes and is frequently available and responds quickly to any queries you may have. His knowledge of the sport of Triathlon is incredible and he helps you to improve your technique in many ways. He is versatile in his coaching and can help you achieve your goals in the sport of Triathlon in all three of the disciplines. For me personally he has helped me improve my Triathlon skills dramatically over the past year in my first season of Triathlon and has helped me to become a much better athlete.  It is simply a fact Levi is a brilliant coach and has a knowledge which will help anyone achieve their goals in Triathlon. He has helped to get me involved in Triathlon and now I have a passion for the sport. I look forward to continuing to improve and work with Levi throughout the next Triathlon season.




Levi Maxwell. Great coach, great athlete, great guy! When it comes to choosing a coach I’ve always believed in finding someone that not only has the skills and knowledge to talk the talk but can walk the walk as well! Levi most certainly does this! One look at his CV will show you that he most certainly has what it takes to be a world-class athlete and the hard work and attention to detail that he applies to his own training most definitely transfers across to his coaching services. Levi goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional and comprehensive athlete specific training service. From nutrition and training schedules, athlete specific sessions tailored to your goals, strength and conditioning programming and rest and recovery techniques he has got you covered and gets results. If your willing to do the hard work and want to take your training and racing performance to the next level Levi will get you where you want to go!



I started training with Levi 12months ago! And since then I have noticed a huge change in my performance as well as my attitude towards training and racing!
Before I started competing in triathlons I went to the gym a lot and was lifting weights and didn't mind heading out on the town on the weekends! I had always wanted to do a triathlon but never had the confidence to do my first one! Until one day I signed up for my first active feet (small distance) race which then committed me to doing my first race! For the rest of the season I was training but wasn't sure on what type of training I was doing! So it was at the end of the season I decided I was going to give triathlons a real crack and signed up with the endurance squad where I got Levi as my coach!
Levi organised a catch up with me one day to talk about my goals, what I want to get out of my training and how much I was willing to give to achieve these goals. After that meeting I knew that Levi not only was a professional athlete himself but he also believed in his athletes he coached and was going to do everything he could to help me achieve my goals too!
So after starting my new specific training programs for my triathlons I could start to feel a difference in how I was feeling but also could feel myself getting better at things I didn't think I could even get good at! I stuck to the training programs Levi had wrote for me and whenever I felt I was struggling or hit a bit of a wall or lost some motivation I knew I could contact Levi and he would modify my program if it was due to injuries or other commitments I had (ie. Work), but was also there for support and to help keep me on track to achieving my goals.
The season just gone (14/15) was the first season I competed in that I had done the proper training for and committ
ed myself fully too! My goal was to finish one race in the top 10 which I managed to achieve and this wouldn't have been achievable if I didn't have Levi around coaching me and checking in with my progress through my training phases!
Having a good season of racing and achieving my goals I set I have Levi to thank for all his hard work he put into my programs and making sure I stayed on track to achieve my goals! Like I said at the start I always went to the gym and didn't mind heading out for a drink on the weekend and now I have changed and I'm getting up early in the mornings to complete training sessions and training twice a day some days to achieve goals I have set to try and better myself each time and this has been made easy to do with having Levi sending my programs through so I know what I'm doing and when! And knowing I have him there to call on if I need help, motivation or just someone to talk to makes staying on track easier! After seeing my results in such a short time after being under Levi's guidance Im excited to race this season to see how far I've come in the off season and I can't wait to keep on achieving more of

my goals under the guidance of Levi!




If I were to stop and think, “What do I want from my coach?” The answer is really simple. I want someone who can guide me to reach my full potential as an athlete. I have been fortunate enough to have had Levi Maxwell as my coach now for at least 12 months. He has provided me with specific and achievable training plans which are relevant to my race goals. My program is individually tailored explicitly to suit my work/family life to assist in meeting that very fine line of balance and ensuring I am in the best position possible to achieve my goals come race day. I feel very privileged and humbled to have an elite athlete such as Levi willing to impart his knowledge on everything with regards to cross-triathlon, whether it be training plans, technique, recovery, nutrition, even a simple phone call or email to check on how well the plan is going or to provide some final tips on strategies and tactics and encouragement prior to the race. Above all, he is very approachable and always willing to provide detailed answers to my questions. I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the future under the expert guidance of Levi.