The Beginning.

I have been doing triathlon for 10 years. I have always been into sport and I have always had a real passion for fitness and nutrition. I have played Footy, Cricket and golf at high levels, and participated in many other sports, but I guess they weren’t for me. My stepping stone into triathlon was the gym. I used to spend countless hours there doing Spinnerval classes and running on the treadmill.  That ignited my passion to compete in triathlon. I had never done any real swimming before or had lessions but I took on the challenge and am slowly catching up to the elite field of swimmers.

Where I Want To Go.

After having a few successful years as a long course age group athlete I have decided to take on the challenges of racing at a professional level. I know it will be a very tough transition but I believe with some race experience and the support from the team of sponsors I have been working with that I have the ability to become an Ironman Champion. Come join me in my journey as I follow my dream and make the step up from age grouper to professional triathlete.