In sickness and in health

Without a doubt, it was going to happen, wasn’t it?

Australian winter, training in with the American Summer for the race at the end… and I get sick.
Being sick at any time sucks, but 5 weeks out from something this big? Well, it sucks.

Not only is it the WORST timing, but it’s going to affect my important speed phases, and now it’s going to affect my performance at worlds… Which just makes more stress in one’s life.

Speaking of stress… I need to stop being such a tight ****… Sitting on the freeway on the way home the other day, worried I was going to run out of fuel… And of course, along the Monash there are NO petrol stations.

Talk about running the gauntlet with the fuel gauge… but I made it home, and all was good, but lesson learned!!

I think that’s all for today guys. I’m going to go back to bed and wallow in my misery!


Aug 03

Get the most out of you training

Hi Guys,

I think I might really get into this blog thing. I’ve been looking around for ideas for things to write, and let’s be honest, on a four hour ride, you get a lot of thinking time, you know?

I’ve been thinking about training this week. Be it me, the pro athletes, or the age-groupers… A lot of people just “go with the flow”. They rock up to training, and do the same thing, week in, week out.
They don’t push themselves to the limit. They don’t see what they’re made of. And then, they get disappointed when they can’t crack the PR’s in their races come summer.

Winter is hard for any athlete. Not a lot of us are inspired by riding outside when it’s 2 degrees and 40km/h winds. Not even me. We are inspired even less by sitting on the wind trainer for an extended period of time for a long ride session. Sure, we’re lucky, it doesn’t snow around here. Imagine that though, trying to get a long ride in when it is snowing… it was hard enough Saturday morning when it was sunny and chilly!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is, train how you would LIKE to race. Don’t get out of the pool, or off the bike, or home from a run thinking that you have more. Give it EVERYTHING you have. Push your body to the limit, each and every time you get out there. There’s no point finishing second and realising you had something left to give.

Train with a goal. Train with commitment.

Come summer, you’ll have an edge on everyone else who just “rocked up”.

Till next time

Jul 21