Challenge Shepparton Half

Here is a little report of how the day unfolded for me.


My swim was ok, I was by myself most of the time between the 2nd and 3rd pack. Its something I have been working on, spending a significant amount of time focusing on it earlier in the year and I will continue to work on after Ironman Western Australia. I know I NEED to wipe off 1min and 30secs to be in the second pack and be more involved in the race rather that playing catch up. My swim has improved with my times decreasing by 1min over the half distance since this time last year so I hope its just a matter of keep doing the hard work and the improvements will come.


I was 7th out of the water


Onto the bike and it was a tough solo slog for 90k. The stronger swim/bikers were off the front and apart from Matt Burton, no one else caught me. The conditions were wet, cold and gusty which made the ride tough. Just the way I like it!


I was in 5th place off the bike with the 5th fastest bike split.


I knew if I was going to get myself onto the podium I was going to have to run a 1hour 15mins. I have done this in the past so I went for it. The run course was 3x7k laps. I ran the first lap on target for a 1:15 half, the second half the fatigue set in along with some rain which make things harder again and I slipped behind that 1:15 target pace. I could se at the turn points that Walsh was gaining on me and that I was catching Betten, so I gritted my teeth and ran as hard as I could. In the end I couldn’t hold off Walsh who went on to run the fastest split, and I was on the red carpet with Betten sprinting to just miss out by 3 seconds.


So I ended up on 6th position with the 3rd fastest run split.


I have been on the rough end of some finishes, but I am sure if I continue to work hard on the swim and keep learning race dynamics, tactics and the mental aspects of racing Pro, I will be on the good end soon. I am just going to have to continue to work hard and be patient and allow myself to adapt and learn which I am getting a little more knowledgeable and confortable with each race. (inspired by some wise words from Luke Bell)



Thank you for to my sponsors for their ongoing support. It is these relationships with my sponsors and the relief to have a stable platform to work off of that allows me to focus on my athletic development. I cant thank you enough for making it possible for me to do what I do.


Next up, Ironman Western Australia in three weeks time (Dec 4th). This venue is where my Ironman racing career was born, so I am looking forward to returning here to compete in my first professional Ironman on home soil.



Thank you to my performance advisor, Jarrod Evans who is helping me through this transition.


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