Challenge Vietnam

I raced Challenge Vietnam on the weekend (my first as a professional) and managed 2nd place behind Mitch Robbins.

I didn’t have a great swim, it’s something I have been working hard on to improve but this didn’t reflect in my performance as it was just one of those days where things just didn’t feel good. I kept getting caught up in the rope that followed the course which slowed me a bit a few times.

I was 6th out of the water and I had my work cut out for me if I was going to catch these guys.

Being an out, then 4 laps and back course, allowed me the opportunity to see how I was going and ride accordingly. I managed to pull back the lead group during the 3rd lap of the bike and go into the lead. This resulted in me producing the fastest bike split for the day thanks to the help of my Giant Trinity!


Out of t2 I was leading with Mitch hot on my heels. I was feeling good but knew Mitch was a strong athlete and it was going to be a tough battle. We played cat and mouse for 18k running shoulder to should or just in front of one another when Mitch made a surge up the final rise and I just couldn’t pull him back. There was only 36seconds in it!


Overall I am very pleased but of course would’ve loved to have gone one better. It was an invaluable experience and confidence boost leading into my first Ironman in three weeks at Taiwan.

As always thank you so much to the people close to me who have supported me from the start and stayed by my side during this transitional period from AG to PRO. I couldn’t have done without you guys! 👊🏼
Electronic Signage Australia
Giantbikesaus Giant Hampton
Anker Concrete

My performance advisor/ life coach Jarrod Evans and last but not least my partner Maddy who is my rock!
Also thank you to everyone who wished me luck (a little went my way 😉) and challengevietnam / Pulse Active for putting on a fantastic event!
Great work behind the lens as usual 📸 @asiatrilive 🙌🏻


Sep 13


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