Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast

The Sunny coast lived up to its reputation by providing great race conditions! I was happy to come away with a 2n place in my age group after being ill for two weeks prior. It was one of the hardest 70.3 races as I just had to grind it out and race off grit due to my lack of fitness.

The rolling start I think is great except for the competitive age groups who want to race such as myself. because it takes away from the competitiveness by making it not a race, for example I was the first age grouper across the line but I was beaten by 2 others who finished after me. I think there is a need for an elite AG wave some people looking to go pro (like myself) can get a taste of “racing”.


But enough sooking! I was very happy with my result and was the hit out I needed leading into Kona!


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photo credit witsupcom.

photo credit witsupcom.
















Sep 17

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